Food Inflation Hits Family Budgets, Menus From India to Nigeria

In India, father of one Harishchandra Barik is having to make hard choices for his family when it comes to food. There is less meat, fish or fruit these days on the table, more eggs instead. Chickpeas and paneer, a type of local cottage cheese, have got out of reach.

“We are not able to feed our son properly,” says Barik, 46, whose family of three all lost weight in the past few months amid rising food costs and curbed income from his hairdressing salon.

His story is not an isolated one. Around the world, food inflation is forcing families to make sacrifices. Meat is often the first to go, ceding space to less expensive proteins such as beans. For some people, a glass of milk has become a luxury reserved only for children.

Bloomberg spoke to families from around the world, spotlighting the kinds of trade-offs households are having to make to feed themselves. In Nigeria, Nafisat Ekerin implores vendors to cut her a deal — something she wasn’t in the habit of doing before Covid-19. In Brazil, Izabel Francisca Teixeira Valdeci scours open-air markets and supermarkets for the best deals. In the U.S., Melissa “Liss” Burnell, buys meat in bulk.

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